This company started in 2007
100% legit and oldest
Total members 7,000,000 +
Unlimited Offers, Tasks , Surveys
Members from all over the world are allowed
Paid through PayPal , Cheque , Payza extra

There are various ways to make money from this legit program :

1) Completing Tasks

This is one of most lucrative way to earn money in it as there is
large amount of work available and you can earn considerably more than
viewing ads. The tasks are small online jobs related are of various
types like comparing sites, moderating explicit images, completing
surveys, academic research surveys, creating keywords etc. You earning
comes instantly to your account and you don’t have to wait for it.
These tasks are offered by crowdflower on different platforms but it
is best platform to do tasks. So on this program you can earn money by
doings small online jobs too and earn considerably more than just
viewing advertisements.

2) Completing Offers

This is second way earning money in it. This is very simple way to
earn easy money by just checking out offers. There are number of offer
providers on offer page. In offer you can earn by downloading apps,
viewing videos, listening to radio etc. You should check offers
manually on daily basis so that you may not miss any offer.

3) Completing Surveys

4) Playing Clixgrid

Play the ClixGrid game and grab you lucky charm. When you click on one
of the little squares in the picture, a new window opens and after 10
seconds you will know if you are one of the lucky winners. You can get
prizes as high as $10, so make sure to use up all your chances.

5) Viewing Ads

Click “View ads” in your account . Within just few minutes you can
check all ads and get money for it. Each ad is for 3 seconds to
maximum 60 seconds. Amount for each kind of ads is different depending
on time of ad.
When you click an ad a new website opens in new tab of your internet
browser you’ll have to click on cat photo (Captcha Verification). This
ad timer will run for few seconds and you’ll be notified that you’re
credited for it. You can close it now and move to next.

6) Complete the daily checklist, there is a Daily Checklist Bonus that
you can complete in order to earn up to 16% bonus on your daily
earnings. To get this massive earnings boost you need to view ads
(already done), play the ClixGrid game (already done), complete 10
tasks or 2 offers and visit the forum. All you have do is click on the
Watch Videos boxes right above the checklist, watch a few videos and
your checklist is complete.

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